Simplification? Yes we can. A multimedia archive indexed of board meetings and administrative documents of the Public Administration

Dates: December 2007 – December 2012
Keywords: e-participation, BPM, we-gov
Target: To use the new Information and Communication technologies to make more efficient and cheap the process of deeds issue from the Council, allowing an easier on-line fruition from citizens and reducing the paper documentation.

Description: Alba Project used the we-gov platform, developed by own Research and Development Team, in order to create a multimedia archive including the indexes to meetings so that content researches, by a dedicated search engine, could be fast.
The project features were:

  • Official regulation analysis of Milan Municipality that disciplines work and putting into effect.
  • Live streaming broadcast for each council meeting
  • Real-time indexing from remote office of council meeting videos including on-line validation from the Customer before the official publication and in accordance with an editorial plan (as defined by the Authority official regulation).
  • Online and offline multimedia chronological archive for council meetings.
  • Textual documents management on the web to support a correct and complete understanding of council results (example: minutes of meetings, the deeds, etc.)
  • Integrated research engine to reach multimedia contents or discourses of each speaker (council meetings, press review, news, minutes and attachments) basing on defined criteria (example: speaker, type, date, topic, group).

IT solution:

  • Streaming infrastructure, hardware tools for live broadcast and on-demand video recording provided by Telecom Italia.
  • Front-end and back-end software platform to realize the video service designed, developed and managed by Alba Project.
  • Supplied as SaaS (Software as a Service).