The Memory of Water. A unique system of IT services to the citizen on the vital issue of access to water resources.

Dates: January 2013 – December 2013
Keywords: virtual community, SLM, BPM, social } { mente
Target: To provide citizens with a computer information system about the subject of access to water in the Region Puglia and to realize the intranet to support the interaction among authorities in order to share data and information.

Description: Alba Project used the platform social } { mente, developed by own Research and Development team, to provide with the contents about the sector and to support the development of a virtual community about the theme of water. The project features were:

  • Administrative procedures analysis for the loading and the unloading of water on regional territory and publication of procedures on the portal.
  • Newsletter service activation as an information tool.
  • Online poll management to carry out research and statistical processing about the theme.
  • Thematic forum realization applying a collaborative approach and customized social network realization for the stakeholder of the sector to support the setup of discussion groups about the water culture.
  • Circulation and sharing of information on main Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Design and implementation of graphic project.
  • Continuous monitoring of performance of accessibility and speed and of users access, as required by the deliberation CIVIT 3/2012 and from the guidelines about the PA websites (DM 8/2009).

IT solution:

  • Modules from social } { mente Platform: Content Management System, Social Network, Questions & Answers, Video Sharing based on YouTube infrastructure.
  • Open source Web Analytics tools, integrated with proper indicators to verify the answer times of each services and to realize synthetic visibilities to help the data analysis activity.