The Country we are. Information on line about Municipalities in a user friendly mode for Organizations and Citizens

Dates: September 2010 - September 2012
Keywords: Data Management, customized software
Target: To collect and to manage different information coming from Italian municipalities network and to put them at disposal of Administrators, Organizations and citizens through a web application equipped with user-friendly interfaces for the log-in, the data research and display.

Description: Alba Project realized the SIA (ANCI Information System) as a customized management web application. The project features were:

  • Analysis of ANCI operations and of internal and external information stream in order to design the software.
  • Database management in order to archive data from social organizations, Italian municipalities and relevant administrators.
  • Use of an integrated search engine to extract the information.
  • Assignment of different user profiles in order to manage the levels of access and visibility.
  • Data migration activities management from different offline sources.
  • Communication campaign based on email, SMS and traditional mail.

IT solution:

  • Customized front-end and back-end software platform.
  • Supplied as SaaS (Software as a Service).