Digitizing, archiving and delivery of real-time multimedia contents during seminars, conferences and business meetings

X-Presenter Service is the innovative product from Alba Project for E-Conference, E-Government, E-Learning to film in digital mode, to index in real-time, to file and to supply, in real-time, multimedia contents got during conferences, conventions, lessons and Company meetings. X-Presenter Service is created for Public Authorities and for mid and big size Companies that need to manage multimedia data.


  • Easy understanding of complex presentations through speakers debate synchronized with relevant slides or attachments.
  • Paper documentation reduction using digital records for notes, presentations and images.
  • Customer satisfaction increase by the side of international users thanks to the audio track digital recording of synchronized translation of speakers lectures.
  • Quick identification of topics through real-time indexing, releasing a tree-structure in support of speeches.
  • Time and costs reduction for post production activities thanks to live delivery of CD, DVD or USB memories, to deliver at the end of the event to attendees.
  • Just in time availability of videos and documents of event, uploading the contents on a dedicated web site.
  • Releasing of learning objects from audio-video contents post-production, to supply as E-Learning matters.
  • Chance of sponsoring, adding promotional short videos or spots into the contents.
  • Management of event image, adapting the multimedia interface to the look of general communication plan.