For Social Learning an innovative platform is designed to support training courses in 2.0 mode and the provision of credits and certifications on-line

social } { mente is the social learning platform created by Alba Project to support, on the web, the formal and informal, individual and collective learning, using advanced features of Social Network, Video Sharing, content sharing through CMS, Blog, Questions & Answers, Event Time-Table and Virtual Rooms.
E-learning path can be configured to supply professional course credits and to release statistical reports about service quality. social } { mente is also an incisive promotion, marketing and sales tool for training companies thanks to the features of statistical reports and e-commerce.


  • Remarkable multiplicity of solutions in order to fit the proposal for specific business needs of Customers
  • Release of multimedia contents (text, audio, video)
  • Wide flexibility of training proposal
  • Availability of educational tools everywhere, round the clock, everyday
  • Online management of professional course credits and of achievement certificates
  • Web 2.0 features to support and monitor learning processes
  • High visibility of training events and of Community, extended in time
  • Operation tracking, reports and statistical documents release
  • Structured archive of statistics for signed up, useful for marketing tasks
  • Platform usable in SaaS (as a service) way