Democracy and transparency on the web with the system of Alba Project for eParticipation in public institutions

we-gov is the solution from Alba Project to support E-Participation processes in the Public Authorities that intend to make visible, for the citizens, the council meetings using live and on-demand streaming technology. Live streaming, broadcast on the institutional web portal, can be completed with a real-time indexing activity so that the publication of video, equipped with index, can happen by 24 hours from meeting end.
Additional features: attachments web management, a chronological archive and a search engine to find documents and videos, production and management of statistical reports about council meetings.


  • Transparency, thanks to live streaming and to on-demand streaming of council meetings
  • Ease to use audio-video contents through the index linked to each sequence
  • Quick finding of speakers lectures and of related documentation thanks to an advanced and easy search engine
  • Analysis and monitoring of council activities, using customized periodic reports
  • Control about the information released on the web, through the validation of tree-structures supporting the video
  • Costs reduction for ICT services and for internal editorial staff
  • Modular approach of solution to meet Customer specific needs
  • Confidence and attendance raising by the side of citizens