Dates: January 2013 – December 2013
Keywords: virtual community, SLM, BPM, social } { mente
Target: To provide citizens with a computer information system about the subject of access to water in the Region Puglia and to realize the intranet to support the interaction among authorities in order to share data and information.

Description: Alba Project used the platform social } { mente, developed by own Research and Development team, to provide with the contents about the sector and to support the development of a virtual community about the theme of water. The project features were:

  • Administrative procedures analysis for the loading and the unloading of water on regional territory and publication of procedures on the portal.
  • Newsletter service activation as an information tool.
  • Online poll management to carry out research and statistical processing about the theme.
  • Thematic forum realization applying a collaborative approach and customized social network realization for the stakeholder of the sector to support the setup of discussion groups about the water culture.
  • Circulation and sharing of information on main Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Design and implementation of graphic project.
  • Continuous monitoring of performance of accessibility and speed and of users access, as required by the deliberation CIVIT 3/2012 and from the guidelines about the PA websites (DM 8/2009).

IT solution:

  • Modules from social } { mente Platform: Content Management System, Social Network, Questions & Answers, Video Sharing based on YouTube infrastructure.
  • Open source Web Analytics tools, integrated with proper indicators to verify the answer times of each services and to realize synthetic visibilities to help the data analysis activity.

Date: November 2012 – September 2013
Keywords: e-learning, customized software
Target: To creatively support the development of ministerial program of Chemistry, Biology and Science at middle and high schools; to increase the disciplinary knowledge through new and stimulating interactive experiences that facilitate the communication between teachers and students.

Description: Alba Project developed a web application equipped with a multimedia interface including information, examples, animations about material structure and atomic models; didactic sections about electrochemistry using an interactive version of periodic table of elements and including the opportunity to develop experiments in the classroom and on-line simulations. Project's features as below:

  • Design and realization of virtual laboratories in double languages (Italian and English) compatible with the most updated web technologies to include into the e-learning platform in use on the premises of Mobility IT.
  • Training services from Alba Project about the use of remote virtual laboratories. Alba Project provided also with didactic documents, user manuals and help desk in order to support user-friendliness of the software.

Dates: December 2007 – December 2012
Keywords: e-participation, BPM, we-gov
Target: To use the new Information and Communication technologies to make more efficient and cheap the process of deeds issue from the Council, allowing an easier on-line fruition from citizens and reducing the paper documentation.

Description: Alba Project used the we-gov platform, developed by own Research and Development Team, in order to create a multimedia archive including the indexes to meetings so that content researches, by a dedicated search engine, could be fast.
The project features were:

  • Official regulation analysis of Milan Municipality that disciplines work and putting into effect.
  • Live streaming broadcast for each council meeting
  • Real-time indexing from remote office of council meeting videos including on-line validation from the Customer before the official publication and in accordance with an editorial plan (as defined by the Authority official regulation).
  • Online and offline multimedia chronological archive for council meetings.
  • Textual documents management on the web to support a correct and complete understanding of council results (example: minutes of meetings, the deeds, etc.)
  • Integrated research engine to reach multimedia contents or discourses of each speaker (council meetings, press review, news, minutes and attachments) basing on defined criteria (example: speaker, type, date, topic, group).

IT solution:

  • Streaming infrastructure, hardware tools for live broadcast and on-demand video recording provided by Telecom Italia.
  • Front-end and back-end software platform to realize the video service designed, developed and managed by Alba Project.
  • Supplied as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Dates: September 2010 - September 2012
Keywords: Data Management, customized software
Target: To collect and to manage different information coming from Italian municipalities network and to put them at disposal of Administrators, Organizations and citizens through a web application equipped with user-friendly interfaces for the log-in, the data research and display.

Description: Alba Project realized the SIA (ANCI Information System) as a customized management web application. The project features were:

  • Analysis of ANCI operations and of internal and external information stream in order to design the software.
  • Database management in order to archive data from social organizations, Italian municipalities and relevant administrators.
  • Use of an integrated search engine to extract the information.
  • Assignment of different user profiles in order to manage the levels of access and visibility.
  • Data migration activities management from different offline sources.
  • Communication campaign based on email, SMS and traditional mail.

IT solution:

  • Customized front-end and back-end software platform.
  • Supplied as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Dates: September 2012
Keywords: Scientific popularization
Target: To make more aware the children about the use of programmable devices and the simple computer techniques through the amusing didactic use of robots.

Description: Using the facilities and the tools of the Innovation Engineering Dept. of University of Salento, Alba Project realize a 20 hours course, classroom lessons for one week, involving 10 – 15 children in the research & development activities about the use of new technologies. In addition to Dept. personnel, the Company provided with a teacher and a tutor.

IT solution: Lego systems Mindstorms and tools supplied by “Dida” laboratory (University of Salento).

Dates: February 2007 – August 2010
Keywords: Web Contents Management
Target: To make the “Valle D’Itria” territory a distinctive mark for the whole productive and social system of local community; To inform of excellence products and services production in the area of 7 towns involved in the PIT5 “Valle D’Itria” about textile, food, tourist, mechatronic spheres; To support the Government to take actions; To develop the business through a network that includes Private Companies and Public Organizations.

Description: Alba Project provided with the following editorial services:

  • Strategic communication BToB in order to support the excellence production systems, production of 300 DVD’s.
  • Advertising of web portal, through the participation at entrepreneurial events.
  • Weekly forwarding of a newsletter towards more than 100 Companies.
  • Free of charge virtual showcases management to support the promotion of local Companies.
  • Support for the implementation of on-line services included in the portal such as RSS, CMS, Videoconference.

IT solution:

  • Content Management System based on Life Ray.
  • Content Management of videoconference through DIM DIM.
  • Geo-reference of data through web GIS.
  • Business Intelligence for database population through Pentaho.
  • Texts, videos and images processed according to conceptual models HDM (Hypermedia Design Model) e IDM (Interactive Dialog Model).

Awards: The National Computer Center for the Public Administration acknowledges the Portal accessibility from disabled people, according to Law Stanca n.4/2004.